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Welcome to Seni Silat Setiabakti website.
Seni Silat Setiabakti was founded by Grandmaster Dahlan Karim. The syllabus in this Malay martial art is based on his many years of experience in learning 11 types of martial arts, and the best from the said 11 "ways" had been selected to become the basis of Seni Silat Setiabakti. Furthermore, the focus of Seni Silat Setiabakti is simplicity, effeciency and effectiveness of "buah".

Mr Rizal Haji Nawi is one of the jurulatih of Seni Silat Setiabakti. Currently he is attached to Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College, Malaysia, as a lecturer.

some of my students before a demo in 2005

Seni Silat Setiabakti
This website is prepared and published by Mr Rizal Haji Nawi (jurulatih) and may not totally present the viewpoint of Seni Silat Setiabakti.

This website is for informational purposes only.

Seni Silat Setiabakti: simple, effficient, effective